ADVA and Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE

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ADVA and Intel recently announced that Ensemble Connector is now a software option for Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE. This means that users can buy an integrated and verified hardware-software solution that is ready to deploy for universal CPE (uCPE) applications. What does that mean for service providers, integrators, and enterprises? It means they can now buy a solution that they know will work in the real world.

Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE

Created as integrated and optimized data-centric products for a range of industries, Intel® Select Solutions include the Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) configuration. Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE, based on the Intel® Xeon® D processor, deliver agile service provisioning to the edge of service provider networks, and include models from Supermicro, Advantech, Lanner, Silicom, Premier, Nexcom, and others. These servers are optimized to deliver the performance needed for demanding uCPE applications.

The addition of Ensemble Connector to the Intel® Select Solution for uCPE brings a new, truly carrier-grade software layer to the picture.

Our award-winning Ensemble Connector is a highly scalable and performance-optimized virtualization platform for hosting multi-vendor VNFs. It enables pure-play virtualization: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers, like those that are part of Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE. This eliminates vendor lock-in so that users are free to mix and match best-of-breed software and hardware. Pure-play virtualization means total choice – choice of software, hardware and where to locate functionality to best suit the business needs of the provider.

The power of Ensemble Connector – networking, operations and choice

Ensemble Connector brings the power of the cloud to the demanding world of uCPE with its key features:


  • Fast and light forwarding engine to support L2 or L3 VPN over anything
  • Modular datapath supports protocol extensibility
  • Platform security and datapath encryption


  • Zero touch provisioning and multi-WAN
  • All cloud deployment models
  • Fault, performance and troubleshooting
  • Upgrade management for uCPE


  • Largest ecosystem of VNFs
  • Largest set of supported compute platforms
  • Open and neutral platform – no lock-in!

Ensemble networks operations chart

A solution for today … and tomorrow

Service providers, integrators and enterprises are now deploying NFV and uCPE to offer basic managed services such as SD-WAN and firewall, with the added benefits of choice in selection of hardware and software. That’s great, but the opportunities for uCPE are much bigger than that. With the open and cloud-native Ensemble Connector, operators can move from today’s services to using Connector as a platform for innovation, enabling adoption of advanced 5G, IoT, and other applications. In addition, Ensemble Connector enables hosting of end-user applications in a micro-cloud model. Service providers can now deliver a combined networking and cloud package hosted on a single device, enabling a “store-in-a-box” model for small businesses and retail locations.

ADVA and Intel Select Solutions for uCPE – a powerful combination

Talk to us at ADVA to learn how ADVA Ensemble and Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE can help you realize the benefits of uCPE in your own applications.


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