The ABCs of Mobile World Congress

Prayson Pate

I'm very excited about the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. 5G will be a hot topic and so will NFV. In fact, I'm excited about so many aspects of MWC that I decided to make a list in alphabetical order:

A is for ADVA Optical Networking, which is my new home after the acquisition of Overture. Together, we form the new NFV Powerhouse.

B is for Barcelona, home of Mobile World Congress. Barcelona is a beautiful place with AMAZING food.

C is for Cava, a perfect local libation that pairs quite well with Barcelona's seafood.

D is for Dining, which as you can see from B and C should be given far more attention than our busy MWC calendars allow.

E is for Ensemble, the leading virtualization architecture for the access part of the network. You can learn more about Ensemble at the ADVA Optical Networking booth, Hall 7, H31.

F is for Fira Gran Via, the ginormous home of MWC.

G is for Gaudi, the multi-talented architect responsible for many of the wacky buildings and sculptures in Barcelona.

H is for Harmony, the extensive Ensemble partner program. The broad Harmony ecosystem is proof of the openness of Ensemble.

I is for IEEE 1588, the heart of modern packet-based timing networks. ADVA Optical Networking’s timing distribution and assurance solution is based on Oscilloquartz’s long-standing expertise – another of our strong suits in the network innovation space.

J is for Jane, my wife. I’ll be wishing she came along for the ride. Hey, it’s my post!

K is for Keychain, a handy branded souvenir for busy travelers.

L is for LTE, the technology behind today’s 4G wireless networks.

M is for Mobile, the traditional focus of MWC. I hear 5G will be on tap.

N is for NFV, bringing the power of the cloud to networking.

O is for Orchestration, enabling automation, flexibility and scalability for virtualized network environments.

P is for Paella, the famous seafood dish served in Barcelona.

Q is for Quartz, the engine of accurate timing systems.

R is for Real Madrid, the archenemy of FC Barcelona.

S is for Sagrada Familia, the famous unfinished basilica in Barcelona.

T is for Tapas, another great food choice anywhere in Spain.

U is for Upgrade, which I always hope for on my long flight to Barcelona.

V is Virtualization, which we’ll be talking a lot about at MWC.

W is for WDM. Wavelength-division multiplexing is another thing we at ADVA do extremely well.

X is for Xavier "Xavi" Hernández Creus, a midfielder who started his career in Barcelona.

Y is for Y.1731, the technology behind layer 2 service verification.

Z is for Zoo, formerly the home of the only known albino gorilla, “Snowflake.”

If you’re going to be at MWC, please stop by the ADVA Optical Networking booth, Hall 7, H31. I’ll see you there!

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