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One of the biggest challenges facing major communication service providers (CSPs) today is rolling out new network equipment fast enough to keep pace with demand. Dealing with several suppliers is a complex process, and unexpected complications can slow down even the simplest network deployments, costing time, effort and resources.

To speed things up, more and more CSPs are choosing suppliers who offer turnkey solutions. Working closely with a single vendor managing all aspects of the deployment ensures optimized efficiency and organizational simplicity. 

Turnkey deployments deliver application-optimized, end-to-end solutions, integrating server, storage, switch, and rack products. This is great for large CSPs as it enables them to accelerate their deployment schedules, focus on quality, restructure resources, and work cost-effectively. Of course, for CSPs it’s all about selecting a vendor with a trusted team who has strong relationships with the right partners and can come up with solutions that meet their unique challenges. 

Turnkey ADVA style

At ADVA, we’ve been providing turnkey solutions for one of our key UK customers for some time. Having developed a superb partner ecosystem, we can ensure that our major customer is supplied with the equipment they require without having to worry about deployment, configuration and integration. This setup enables them to deal with us as a one-stop shop and we ensure that the best suppliers come together to provide a complete service.

Inspired by this success, another of our most valued customers has recently gone down the turnkey route to keep up with the enormous rise in data demand in Germany. And it’s great to see that our team have got the whole process down to a fine art.

The process

Turnkey deployment chart

Before installation begins, our experts work closely with the customer, making sure they have all the information they need to deploy their optimum network – and get it right first time. We then design the rack specifically for their needs. Our team use comprehensive planning and their extensive experience to ensure that all possible issues are covered; issues such as insufficient cabinet space or incorrect power supply are dealt with.

Rack and stack assembly facility Meiningen

Preparing the site is also key. We make sure all infrastructure is covered, with proper cable preparation for splicing and connectorization, and ensuring power lines are in the right place. 

We carry out as much of the deployment process as possible in-house before shipping all the equipment to the customer’s facilities. Our partner teams then ensure installation and integration are carried out effectively.

Man checking boxes

During installation, all network equipment is commissioned and provisioned. We then turn up traffic and conduct rigorous testing. Our technicians and contractors are fully qualified to deliver onsite deployment. Crucially, all of our engineers are trained in accordance with strict ADVA-standard installation and commissioning protocols. 

man working on electrical cabling

The new solution is then made available in the customer’s Ensemble Controller management system. Using labeling provided by the customer, we ensure a solution that looks and feels as if it’s been built by the customer themselves.

Man working at computer

Post-installation, the collected deployment data, such as network diagrams, inventory data and test results are handed over in a single document for customer sign-off. This helps us guarantee that consistent quality is maintained across all installations and significantly reduces time to market. 

Working together

By asking the right questions and offering tailor-made solutions where necessary, we’re making sure we support our customers at every stage. Maintaining a partner ecosystem based on excellence and trust is also vital. With this system in place, communication between CSP and vendor becomes straightforward and processes are easily streamlined. 

As trusted partners, our handpicked and trained experts deliver maximum quality, cost-effective, and customized solutions. The result is a tested, turnkey solution ready for our partner’s individual production environment.

Our professional design and installation services not only enable our German customer to save on staff resources, focus on their core mission, and maximize the reliability of their infrastructure, it also guarantees quality at every level.

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